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Videforex Review


If you are looking for a new and a more advanced method of hovering through binary options trading realm, this new trading wheel might interest you. Created in 2016, Videforex is the newest in the binary trading services. Experienced traders and the new blood will find this method very useful. With an array of unique features, the expert trader can go about his trading business in a variety of ways. This new program is equipped with a live video support and provides mentoring 24/7.


A Unique Platform


One of the highlights of this innovation is its sophisticated platform. The expert traders will never get bored with myriad of tools and guides. The educational videos are even available 24/7. This is a unique platform especially for those who have been in the binary trading options for a long time. It gives them another shuttle on how to go about their daily trading business.


The newbie trader can take advantage of an array of educational videos that can be accessed via public or private chat. Do take note that at the moment, this sophisticated platform is not yet available in mobile phones. Nonetheless, it can be accessed, with top-notch speed, in any type of browser of a platform. This makes your trading 30 percent more effective.


How to


If you are new to the binary options trading realm, do not fret. The program’s in-depth free demo tutorial will teach you the ins and outs of trading in this type of platform. Traders can choose from three accounts-bronze, silver, and gold.


With the bronze account, you can start your trading business with a deposit of $250.  Account holders have access to various tutorial and educational demos. They even have a chance to get a 20 percent bonus. One amazing feature of this account is that you can withdraw the money in an hour.  That is really fast when you are trading in the binary world.


If you have $1,000, better go for the silver account. Most Videforex traders prefer this.  With a more in-depth educational tool and a success manager, this is recommended for traders who have been in this arena for quite some time.


If you want to get the best of both worlds, plus a success manager which can offer you more educational tools and programs, go for the gold account.  Minimum deposit is at $3,000, but this hefty price tag is matched with a 100 percent bonus.


Why Choose Videforex


Videforex stands out from the rest with its flexible and sophisticated educational tools and platform. Ideal for the expert trader and even newbies, Videforex has the most advanced feature in this realm.